(Italiano) Biografia | Francesco Mento
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Francesco Mento

Francesco Mento begins to deal with photography in the ’70s. He is professionally engaged in advertising as a photographer, first collaborating with prestigious Sicilian agencies, and subsequently establishing his own studio of photography and graphic design.

Since the 1980s he began to carry out photographic research in the field of art. In 1983 he presented the first personal exhibition titled “Erg” consisting of about twenty large images in the colors of suggestive visions of the Algerian Sahara desert.

In 1989 he published the volume “Gemellitudine” with its exhibition of silver-colored photographs exhibited in numerous galleries in central and southern Italy. For this work he receives the “Città di Reggio” prize. In 1990, together with the poet Maria Luisa Spaziani and the sculptor Nietta D’Atena, the volume “Il Mio Sud” collects poetry and photographic interpretations of sculptures.

In the ’90s he devoted himself to the direction of photography for video installations and shorts: “Via Crucis” and “Visioni”, video installations with the direction of Christian Bisceglia and Francesco Mento’s photography direction, received international awards and are exhibited in Europe and North America. The short film “Tre Case”, directed by Nicola Calì and directed by Francesco Mento, wins the Messina Film Festival.

He directed the photography of the short film “Capolinea” by director Arturo Rosetto Aiello. In 2006 he published the book “Piccole Storie” with its reportage image exhibition. Since 2010 she has taught photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria. He published the essays “L’Estetica del Falso” and “Lo Sguardo Donato” by the City of the Sun. In 2014 he founded the magazine Argentique, the only publication in the world dedicated to international authors using film photography. In 2017 he presented the performance show “Dichiarazione di Dipendenza”.